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Becoming a financial member of Invisible Illnesses allows you to access a range of member-only services and events for just $30 per year NON REFUNDABLE

In addition to the great services you gain access to, your membership supports our efforts to raise awareness and support those with an Invisible Illness in the community.

Some of the benefits you will receive are:

Helping Hands
Sometimes the simple things are challenging and hurt and we can take days to recover from simply doing our housework or gardening.
To help support our members we have an offshoot group called Helping Hands. The aim of this group is to have a list of people who can help members of Invisible Illnesses with their everyday needs.

For a small fee of $15 per hour, you can receive help with cleaning, gardening, general household chores such as washing, making beds, folding etc. If you are unable to drive, you can access help to do shopping, get to appointments or events. To request help please fill in our form

Loyalty Program

We partner with businesses in the community to offer discounts on goods and services for Invisible Illnesses members. Current members can show their valid membership card at supporting retailers

Once a month we email our newsletter “The Chronic’ill”.
It’s full of different articles from different conditions, our events, discounts from our loyalty businesses and a whole lot more.
It is only sent to those who are a financial member, so be one of the privileged few and become a member today.

Birthday Club
By being a financial member you will receive a birthday card in the mail as well as having a birthday wish in the group. There’s nothing like the feeling of being special

AGM Voting Rights
Only those who are a financial member are able to vote at our AGM. Our AGM is generally held in February

Shop 4 A Cause
Show your membership card and receive a 10% discount.

Our members get cheaper prices for our events. Check out our event page to see what’s happening

Hampers 4 Change
We know that there are times when we are struggling financially and being able to get food can be difficult. Please let us know if we can help by filling out our form 

When registering for a workshop or one of our courses select that you are a member to receive a discount. You will be able to see what we have coming up on our events page

Hemp Oil
Invisible Illnesses Inc are a distributor of Hemp Products. By becoming a member you will receive a discount on your orders when using our membership code.

We are always looking for different ways to support our members so when we add a new initiative our members are entitled to any discounts that we offer

As we are a NFP organisation we need to maintain a database of members for the Dept of Commerce

Invisible Illnesses Inc aims to support those with an Invisible Illness.
We provide support and education for people diagnosed with chronic pain, depression, chronic fatigue, mental health issues and other invisible conditions.
We support each other by being involved with different events and forums. We can observe how wonderful we are all looking; confirming for all of us that it is possible to live a good life despite the diagnosis of an invisible condition.

Our Aims
Educate health professionals in the management of symptoms of different conditions. We are increasing the knowledge base of many health professionals by being the face of Fibromyalgia and other invisible illness at our medical consultations, by asking difficult questions and by requiring answers and referrals.

Increase community awareness of the implications of a diagnosis of an invisible condition. Increasing community awareness is an ever-moving invisible force that again comes from us as we talk to our neighbours, friends, family and work colleagues. Anybody really! We need to talk about what an invisible illness is; we need to educate our communities that for many of us with this condition, we may not always be at our best, at our most reliable. We have to overcome the stigma of our supposed hypochondria and educate the uneducated in this matter. This is what increases community awareness.

However, our efforts alone are not enough to solve making different conditions in the community visible. We are in need of financial support to fund our efforts in our continued goal to raise awareness and support those with an Invisible Illness in the community. This is why your membership fee is so important to us.

Become a member of today for just $30 per year non-refundable. In addition to the great services you gain access to, your membership supports our efforts to raise awareness and support those with an Invisible Illness in the community.

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