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Invisible Illnesses Inc has partnered up with Foodbank

Foodbank works with 2,950 charities nationwide to get food and groceries to those who can use a hand yearly. They are also the largest supporter of School Breakfast Programs in Australia, regularly supplying to 2,890 schools nationally.

We know one in three people struggle to get enough food for their household needs are new to the situation.

There is no shame in asking for help. Life happens to us all and we’re here for everyone.

If you need assistance please get in touch during offices hours Mon – Fri 9am – 3pm

08614 03977

To shop at Foodbank WA or one of their Mobile Foodbanks you need a referral. Make an appointment to come and see us. You will need to bring Photo ID and your Healthcare/Pension Card.

Here is some information for your first visit to a Foodbank store

the latest Mobile Foodbank locations please visit Foodbank Locations

When you arrive
Please see the Reception to collect your referral card.

What do you need to bring?
For your first visit please bring your referral letter and current ID showing your name and address. They will accept referrals printed, emailed, or on your phone.
They will give you a card you can show at their branches or Mobile Foodbank. This card is for you only, please do not lend it to anyone.
If your first visit is at a Mobile Foodbank you will receive your card when you return the following week.
You will need to show your Foodbank WA card each time you shop.
Please let them know if you also have a voucher. We recommend you take some shopping bags or boxes for putting your groceries in.

How does it work?
Their shop is like a supermarket. The food and groceries are in aisles and there is a large selection to choose from. You may not see the same variety
as a supermarket. But they always have the staples like pasta, rice, meat and fruit and vegetable.
They mostly charge by weight rather than per item.
At Perth Airport the cost is $1.25/kg for grocery items and 20 cents/kg for bread, milk, fruit and vegetables.
At their regional branches, the cost is $1.50/kg forgrocery items and 50 cents/kg for bread, milk, fruit and vegetables.
Mobile Foodbank the cost of hampers are $10 for a dry goods hamper with everyday essential items, $5 fruit/vegetable and $15 frozen hamper (meat
and frozen items)
They also have frozen meals, meat packs and other bundles that are priced as marked. There may be limits on some items. There is a 70kg maximum
limit per week.
When you have finished shopping go to the checkout. A volunteer will sort your groceries to weigh them. You must pay by EFTPOS ONLY. Please
note they do not accept cash.

Please remember
» Supervise children at all times
» Shoes, shirts and pants must be worn at all times

For more information, please call Foodbank  08 9258 9277  or email