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Learning At Home


Historically schools have been the hub of teaching and learning but learning happens in many ways and in a variety of contexts….home being the number one spot. This information is to highlight the many learning opportunities that parents can provide at home and the best part is they are very easy to implement.

Schedule screen time
Time ticks by quickly when using technology so it is a good idea to schedule when screen time will happen for students. Placing a boundary on technology will help students with expectations and managing the school day at home.

Timetable Learning
Students respond well to a timetable of the days learning experiences.  Being organised and have a visual timetable helps them to engage in learning tasks and brings a sense of achievement when they ave completed tasks.  This includes break times.  Having a scheduled recess and lunchtime is essential as it maintains routines for students.

Make Technology purposeful
We have a list of high quality online learning platforms and Apps that can be downloaded to enhance learning for students.  We always strongly advocate that parents closely monitor digital technology use at home, as it is done at school.

Organise a Learning Space
A dedicated space helps students to switch into a learning mindset and focus on tasks.  Reducing distractions like the television and other stimuli can help students maintain focus and get the most our of tasks.  Turn off the TV, put the games away and turn off loud music before they settle down to work.