Get a Helping Hand

Sometimes the simple things are extremely difficult and hurt and we can take days to recover from simply doing our housework or gardening. To help support our members we have an offshoot group called Helping Hands. The aim of this group is to have a list of people who can help members of Invisible Illnesses Inc. with their everyday needs.

Many of our members are on a pension or work part-time. Unfortunately, a lot are not entitled to HACC services such as Silverchain etc, hence why we have set up Helping Hands.

We offer our volunteers a gift card at the end of the month to those that can help with cleaning, gardening, general household chores such as washing, making beds, folding etc. Some of our members are unable to drive and may need help to do shopping, get to appointments or events.

Do you need a hand with tasks such as gardening, folding washing, or shopping? Apply below to connect with one of our Helping Hands volunteers.

Helping Hand Application

  • Please note that we currently only operate in Western Australia.
    To be able to access our Helping Hands services you need to be a financial member.