I have been advised of a number of rumors that are being spread through the community. I want to let everyone know that these allegations are not true and I can provide evidence to prove they are false. This has been going on for nearly 4 years against me personally and telling people not to support Invisible Illnesses. We have had a number of businesses that we network with, let us know.

There have been a lot of allegations over the years, but some of the more recent things I’ve been accused of are:
1. Taking money out of the organisation to buy my house. I used my inheritance from when mum passed. The organisation has never had any substantial amount of money.

2.. Misuse of the organisation’s money. The way our accounts are set up makes this impossible as it requires 2 people to sign. I personally have very little to do with the financial side of things as I have a Bookkeeper. This ensures that everything we do is above board and transparent. It also helps with our reporting to ACNC & The Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

We have to report to ACNC & the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety to be able to keep our Charity license and registration. If there was anything that was incorrect they would have picked it up.

Anyone can put a request in writing to see our financials. Send your request to our bookkeeper Megan Brown at accounts@invisibleillnesses.org.au or myself at hello@invisibleillnesses.org.au.

I personally have paid nearly $50k out of my own pocket to keep the organisation afloat, especially during COVID when we were not entitled to any supplement packages.

3. I have apparently accused someone of stealing money from the organisation.
Again it’s impossible for anyone to take money out of the account. I believe in straight-up honesty and if this person or anyone had been stealing, it would have been dealt with through proper channels for fraud. Anyone who knows me would know that this goes against my integrity.

2. I faked my surgery.
Those who know me personally know what I went through 12 months ago and what I’m still going through. I can provide photo evidence.

If you hear things instead of continuing spreading the rumors come and speak to me. Everything I do is transparent. I work hard behind the scenes for our members and advocate for Invisible Illnesses and would never jeopardise the organisation or the people that we help

I am seeking legal advice on how to proceed with these accusations, so if you’ve heard these rumors or know someone who has please let me know. If you’ve had any false allegations or threats and you suspect it may be the same person, please get in touch. If you know or believe you know this person, please ask them to stop.
Thank you
Michelle Greenwood
Founder/President of Invisible Illnesses Inc