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Fibromyalgia – A GP’s Role

Dr. Marcin Narożny – LEK, MRCGP, DRCOG, FRACGP

Medical Co-ordinator

Palm Springs Medical Centre, Warnbro WA.

So how would your GP diagnose this?

´Often difficult as symptoms vary and some can have other causes (under active thryroid, rheumatoid arthritis) ´We will often order a number of blood tests to try to rule out other causes – thryroid function tests, inflammatory markers, iron levels, full blood count, liver function, kidney function tests – often all these will come back normal ´Used to diagnose on the basis of tenderness in certain areas of body, however UK guidelines now recommend the following criteria: ´Widespread pain lasting three months or more ´Fatique and/or waking up feeling unrefreshed ´Problems with thought processes like memory and understanding