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Work and Development Permit Scheme

The Work and Development Permit Scheme is a partnership between the Department of Justice, Legal Aid WA and the Aboriginal Legal Service of Western Australia

A Work and Development Permit (WDP) allows eligible clients to reduce or even clear their outstanding court fine(s) by completing approved activities in place of paying. A WDP may be issued by the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER) once a Notice of Intention to Enforce (Court Fine) has been issued.


You may be eligible for a WDP if you:

  • are experiencing financial hardship
  • have been or might be subjected or exposed to family violence
  • have a mental illness
  • have a disability
  • are homeless
  • are experiencing alcohol or drug use problems
  • are experiencing another type of hardship.

Approved activities and fine conversion rates

Different activities have different fine conversion rates. The activities that you can complete under a WDP include:

ActivitySummaryConversation Rate
Drug or alcohol treatmentInterventions aimed at assisting you to overcome dependencies on drugs or alcohol. These can include detoxification, medication, pharmacotherapy, counselling, behavioural therapy, group therapy and 12-step programs.$70 per hour completed.*
Voluntary unpaid workYou can take part in various activities with or on behalf of an approved organisation, including gardening, cooking, cleaning, property maintenance, assisting the elderly and administration.$50 per hour completed.*
Medical or mental health treatmentYou can receive treatment in accordance with an approved health practitioner’s treatment plan, including pharmacotherapy and sessions with psychiatrists or psychologists.$70 per hour completed.*
Educational, vocational or life skills coursesYou can study courses in educational institutions which assist you in entering the workforce or that foster your personal, social or practical skills to assist you to function more independently in society. This may include counselling aimed at improving your financial situation, mental health or resolving your emotional or behavioural issues.$70 per hour completed.*
Mentoring for persons under 25If you are under the age of 25, you can take part in a semi-formal, structured program with an experienced mentor which has a clear vision and goals. Mentoring can target a broad range of things, from emotional growth and development to job seeking and educational improvement.$70 per hour completed.*
Other activity prescribed by the regulationsOther activities prescribed by the regulations may also be completed under a WDP.**Applicable rate as per the regulations.**

* Note that breaks are not to be included in the completed hours.
** Applicable activities and rates are detailed in the Fines, Penalties and Infringement Notices Enforcement Regulations 1994.

For further information about the WDP scheme or for assistance, contact: