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Donation Drives

Donation Drop-Off Days
Our Donation Drop-off Days are facilitated in collaboration with local councils, churches, community groups, sporting clubs and corporate organisations. These events are a great way of sourcing good quality donations which are the essence of our organisation and reduce landfill. Providing a convenient and central location for collection, our team is onsite to meet our donors and to promote our local initiatives.

What Can You Collect?
You can collect a number of different items from non perishable, sanitary items, pet food etc for our Hampers 4 Change or clothing that is clean and in good condition, bric – a – brac, books etc (except furniture) for our Op Shop Shop 4 A Cause located in Rockingham.

School Education Programs
Invisible Illnesses collaborate with primary schools to encourage social responsibility in young people. Last year we worked with 10 local primary schools promoting the environmental and social impact Invisible Illnesses creates from saving donated goods from landfill.  Our education programs encourage young people that they too can make a difference by simply repurposing their good quality toys and clothes. We love to team up with the leadership group and create a school donation drive. Call today to get your school involved.

Containers for Change
Containers for Change provides exciting opportunities for groups and charities to raise much-needed funds, as well as showing a commitment to the environment and encouraging better recycling behaviours in the community. So, why not turn your containers into change today?

Becoming a donation point is an easy and effective way to raise much-needed funds for our organisation. Every eligible container collected and donated to our organisation earns us 10 cents for our cause.  Simply use our scheme ID on behalf of our organisation to get started. 

If you’ve got the space, you can also be a physical donation point. Just set up a secure cage or bin where supporters can drop off their containers. You’ll also need to arrange for the containers to be delivered to a refund point, which you can do yourself or partner with your local refund point operator or we may be able to do this for you. The refund point will do all the sorting and counting, and deposit your refund directly into Invisible Illnesses Inc’s nominated bank account by EFT using our scheme ID.

If you don’t have the space for a container bin or cage, just stick to fundraising using our scheme ID. You can return eligible containers to any refund point across the state and donate to Invisible Illnesses Inc by quoting our scheme ID. Your donations are then deposited directly into our bank account via our scheme ID.

If you want to be a collection point and raise funds for Invisible Illnesses Inc please get in touch today.