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Volunteer With Us

We are so grateful for the difference our volunteers make and we simply cannot survive without their contribution.

Our volunteers are of all ages and backgrounds and we are thrilled when they say how they enjoy giving back, that volunteering gives them purpose and they love meeting new people and making firm friends.

Whether it is offering professional experience or gaining new skills on the job, our volunteers are always willing to help.

We have many opportunities available and welcome new additions to our family

Why volunteer?

  • Individual volunteers must be able to work independently. If you require a support worker or need guidance when completing tasks, please contact Michelle to discuss any issues. 
  • Businesses. We welcome staff groups of up to 20 people to join our team for a day of volunteering. (This can also be a great team building exercise!). Group sessions are normally offered at our events or a Busy Bee supporting our members.  Please contact Michelle for further information.
  • Professionals or corporations with specialised skills. Invisible Illnesses Inc welcomes volunteers with specific skill sets. For example; qualified people – hairdresser, nail technician, Reiki Therapist, podiatrist, dietician or, business professionals who might assist in areas of finance, human resources, training, safety, or marketing.

What’s involved?

There is always lots to do at Invisible Illnesses Inc, from sorting and processing goods in our opshop to volunteering in our offices or supporting our members with cleaning or gardening which is why we value the specialised skills, energy, and enthusiasm of our volunteers. 



We are Centrelink Approved

Some Centrelink clients may be eligible to elect to volunteer with us to meet their Mutual Obligation Requirements. An individual’s eligibility to volunteer as part of their activity requirements will depend on that particular individual’s Mutual Obligation Requirements. We are a Centrelink approved organisation.If you would like to volunteer to meet your Mutual Obligation Requirements please speak to your Job Service Provider.

Work and Development Permit Scheme

A Work and Development Permit (WDP) allows eligible clients to reduce or even clear their outstanding court fine(s) by completing approved activities in place of paying. A WDP may be issued by the Fines Enforcement Registry (FER) once a Notice of Intention to Enforce (Court Fine) has been issued.  You can work off your fines volunteering with us.

Get Involved

You can also get involved by:

  • Discussing your condition openly with your medical and treatment professionals.
  • Leaving some Information Leaflets at your pharmacy, doctor’s etc.
  • Sharing links to our social media pages and groups.
  • Coming to our Never Hide Your Wings Gala & Recognition Night that is held in September each year
  • Making a donation to help with our running costs.
  • Attending our roaming lunches
  • Join our committee
  • Join our Events Crew
  • Participate in our fundraising events
  • Become a sponsor
  • Be part of our Loyalty Program
  • Become part of our Wellbeing Services by volunteering your services
  • If your crafty come and make some items we can sell at the markets

Corporate Volunteering

For corporate volunteering, please check out our partnership opportunities.


Volunteer Application Form

If your interested in volunteering please fill in our application form.