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Support Groups

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of support groups and organisations that might be able to help you on your journey.

Provides peer support to stroke survivors and carers. Offers a safe environment where survivors and carers can listen and share their own experiences, offer emotional and practical advice, understand and answer questions and share tips and knowledge.

Provides aged care services and support for younger people with disabilities to maintain a quality lifestyle, through a range of social interactions and activities.

Provides support to those who have experienced pituitary gland conditions, promotes awareness and disseminates information among the medical community, public, pituitary patients and their families.

Provides advocacy and support and referral pathways for physical and mental health, juvenile justice, education, employment, counselling, transport and assistance, listening and yarning.

Provides free information about depression; anxiety and related disorders including drug/alcohol phone issues through a 24 hour information line and website. Raises awareness and conducts research into treatments for depression.

An Incorporated Aboriginal organisation providing services for the homeless and alcohol affected people in need.

Bluebird (previously GenWHY?) provides fortnightly support group meetings in Fremantle and Perth City for people aged 25 – 45 with depression and anxiety. Meetings are facilitated by a registered psychologist along with the peer support of the group members.

Provides community based nutrition education and training, provide advice on individual health and lifestyle needs, conduct group education sessions and contribute to local and national food policy and advocacy issues.

Offers postnatal depression support and treatment for women and their families. Services include postnatal screenings for depression and stress to promote early intervention; treatment and Support Groups for families; referral service; advocacy; psycho-education and referral to suitable supports; community education,talks to antenatal/ postnatal groups increasing awareness.

Provides support and assistance to widows and widowers who have lost their spouse through death to find companionship and support, and to share in social gatherings with people who have had similar experiences.

Cancer Council Western Australia works to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer, through advocacy, research, education and providing people affected by cancer with support to enhance their quality of life. Cancer Council WA offers support programs and services for people affected by cancer that can be accessed by calling 131120. CCWA facilitated Cancer Support Groups and also external cancer support groups operated by other organisations that come under the CCWA umbrella are all listed on the Cancer Council WA website.

A free service for people living with cancer. Provides information on diagnosis and treatment, links with other services, assistance through the health care system and coordinates appointments.

Peak body and support services for family carers. Supports include counselling, advisory, systemic advocacy, social support, education and training. Young Carers. Carer Representation and Participation and Prepare to Care Hospital program.

Support Group for carers of family members and friends of people with the lived experience of mental illness. Aims to build the capacity of carers in rural WA and support carers through their collective wisdom. Provides information, self-advocacy training, education, advocacy and a network for carers during hard times.

To provide support & information for anyone seeking to improve their emotional well-being & mental health, through understanding, awareness & self-help methods.