Business & Corporate Support

Businesses of all sizes can help make a real difference to helping raise the awareness and supporting those who suffer with an Invisible Illness.

There are many ways your business can support Invisible Illnesses Inc’s work.

Become a Sponsor

There are many ways your business can support Invisible Illnesses Inc’s work.  Please see our Sponsorship Prospectus. To discuss sponsorship opportunities please get in touch.

Business fundraising and donations

Simple fundraising initiatives such as donating a percentage of sales or offering collection tins at points of sale are effective and build customer and client loyalty. To get started, simply get in contact with our team.

Cause related marketing

Cause related marketing builds trust and customer loyalty, boosts market share and stimulates sales in the retail environment, connecting brands more strongly with their target market.  Aligning with Invisible Illnesses Inc is a valuable marketing opportunity to develop a unique selling proposition while raising funds for Invisible Illnesses and supporting your community. For more information, please contact us.

Corporate Partnerships

Is your organisation committed to helping all people achieve their best possible mental health?

Invisible Illnesses Inc forms mutually beneficial partnerships with organisations that share in our values, vision and mission – creating change to protect everyone’s mental health and improving the lives of people affected by chronic pain, anxiety, depression and suicide.

As every organisation is unique, we will work with you to build a tailored partnership to meet your objectives and benefit the community. To discuss opportunities, please get in touch.

Corporate Volunteering

Corporate volunteering offers many benefits for your company and employees. Importantly, it gives you and your employees a sense of contribution, whilst performing the usual work-related roles.

The most effective way that you can support us is through donating your skills. Your employees have a wealth of knowledge, specialist skills and experience, which can help us improve our business.

As with any business, Invisible Illnesses Inc needs marketers, fundraisers, accounting and administration staff. By donating your skills in these areas, you are providing us with valuable resources that can only enhance our team.

It also provides your employees with an opportunity to learn new skills, within the restrictions and challenges of a not-for-profit organisation.

This type of volunteering would be scheduled to fit in with your work employees’ availability to ensure there’s as little disruption as possible to their normal work schedules.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about participation in corporate volunteering. If you’d like to know more then please contact Michelle Greenwood on 0410 902 247 or get in touch via our contact form.

Workplace giving

Offering a workplace giving program to your employees – and matching their contributions – is one of the most simple, effective ways to support Invisible Illnesses Inc’s work. Workplace giving also strengthens workplace culture and contributes to a positive environment.

Research shows eight out of 10 employees feel their company’s workplace giving program reflects a genuine commitment to the community and 85 per cent feel this form of community engagement and generosity makes their company a better place to work. 

Find out more about workplace giving by contacting us.

Become an Invisible Illness Friend

We are looking for Invisible Illness friends who are willing to help us build a financial organisation. By committing to support Invisible Illnesses Inc with a monthly gift of $100 for a minimum of 1 year, you will be joining an elite group of supportive friends. These friends believe in the work that Invisible Illnesses Inc as it positively changes the worlds view of invisible illnesses and improves the lives of people living with them.

Friends Benefits

  • 2 tickets to our Never Hide Your Wings Gala & Recognition Night
  • Monthly newsletter “The Chronic’ill”
  • Living with an Invisible Illness bumper sticker
  • Living with an Invisible Illness tee shirt
  • Discounted tickets to our events
For more information on becoming an Invisible Illness Friend please get in touch.