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Who We Are & What We Do

Invisible Illnesses Inc is a registered ACNC Not for Profit in-person support and social group for those who suffer from an invisible illness, such as Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Depression, Diabetes, ADHD, Chronic Fatigue and Mental Health in WA. We understand what it’s like to feel alone while struggling with an invisible illness and support not only sufferers but those that support sufferers as well.  We have been running since 2016. 

We are a self-funded group.  Most of our income comes from membership fees, fundraising, grants, items we sell at different events and our op shop – Shop 4 A Cause, located on Dixon Road Rockingham, Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre & Miami Plaza Falcon.

Invisible Illnesses Inc constantly advocate the awareness of invisible illnesses by attending many different markets, fairs, shows etc through the metro & rural areas.    

Living with an invisible illness is challenging, necessitating a variety of skills to help you make it through each day with a sense of satisfaction. Life with an invisible illness can sometimes be an isolating experience.  We are conquerors, we are survivors, but we are also sufferers. It is commonly misunderstood that a person cannot be both.

Our mission is to help facilitate a change in knowledge, understanding and behaviour and to improve pain management and quality of life.  To support those who suffer as well as those who care for someone with an invisible illness. To spread awareness and break down the stigma attached to an invisible illness.

We are a Centrelink approved organisation for those who have to participate in Mutual Obligation.  We also work with a number of disability groups, giving those with other conditions such as Autism a chance of volunteering and learning new skills as well as Legal Aid giving those who have substantial fines a way of paying them off.

We offer work experience to students through their school’s volunteer program as well as placement hours for those who are studying Community Services.

We work in conjunction with Workplace Rehabilitation Providers as part of the Return to Work Program.

Our Mission Statement

Invisible Illness Inc empowers people with an invisible illness to navigate the stigma and the judgment, via the provision of advocacy, education and an all-inclusive community

Our Aims

  • Support and educate people diagnosed with an invisible illness
  • Educate health professionals in the management of symptoms of Fibromyalgia and other invisible illnesses
  • Increase community awareness of the implications of a diagnosis of an Invisible Illness
  • To maximise access and inclusion

Our Activities
We work hard to increase awareness of different invisible illnesses and facilitate support networks for people with them. The things that we do as part of this work include: 

  • Development and provision of Invisible Illness information leaflets & other information sheets
  • Mentoring those who are struggling and need some guidance
  • Public Educational Forums on Invisible Illnesses 
  • Annual celebratory A Night in Disguise Gala & Recognition Night
  • Fundraising and public awareness events
  • Provide speakers for different invisible illnesses awareness events
  • Different workshops from learning to crochet, basic computer or getting back into the workforce.
  • We have an off-shoot group called Helping Hands which assists those who are having problems at home with housework, gardening etc.
  • Our Casual Cuppas are an informal get-together for people with an invisible illness and their supporters. They are a great opportunity to meet people who really do understand.

Our Goals


  • To take our Living with an Invisible Illness education forum into schools to educate teachers & students about different invisible illnesses
  • To rebuild our branches after COVID
  • To rebuild our Wellbeing Services & Youth Group (In progress)
  • To create a support system for parents with kids who have Autism. (Launching April 2023)
  • To open Shop 4 A Cause in Fremantle & Midland
  • To implement our new strategy “I’m Still Learning” to help students who struggle academically, socially and emotionally. We aim to provide these students with support to gain confidence and help them improve where they are struggling.
  • To increase our services.
  • To be able to help the Homeless by making ground mats and quilts from recycled clothing
  • To be more visible in the community.
  • To become a Foodbank Partner (Achieved March 2023)
  • To network with more organisations (In progress)
  • To reach and educate health professionals (In progress_
  • To advocate for more invisible illnesses to be accepted on Centrelink Disability and NDIS
  • To advocate for a change of the disability sign in ACROD bays to include invisible disabilities. (Sign our petition)
  • To become an NDIS Provider
  • To extend our Counselling Service to include an Occupational Therapist and Paediatrician


  • To go national. We are already being contacted by doctors in the eastern states to see if we are going national as there is a great need for it


  • To go global

Many sufferers are unable to work and are on a limited income.  We frequently hear that by the time we’ve paid our rent/mortgage, utilities such as power and food there is very little money left, so there is no money for what people call ‘luxury items’ even though some of these are vital to our wellbeing/mental state.  We all know that if we look good, we feel good.

We at Invisible Illnesses Inc believe that well-being services should be available to everyone and aim to develop a service system that meets the whole person’s needs and promotes and embeds health and well-being at an affordable rate.  If you are a hairdresser, podiatrist, massage therapist, etc., and would like to give back to the community, we would love to hear from you. 

We run an Op Shop – Shop 4 A Cause located at 15 Dixon Road Rockingham, Stockland Baldivis Shopping Centre and Miami Plaza Falcon. We are currently taking donations of goods as long as it’s in good clean condition. 

Our Op Shops are part of our business that we are looking at expanding into other areas.  We are looking for owners of vacant commercial premises that would be interested in helping us.  The other areas we are looking at expanding into are Port Kennedy, Fremantle, Midland, Riverton and Kwinana

Our monthly newsletter goes out to about 5000 people, including business owners, councils, members of parliaments, doctors & other health professionals, schools, employment agencies and more.  We offer businesses a section to promote your business each month for a low-cost fee.  

We have partnered up with Hemp Shack as a distributor of Hemp products.  Some of the products include- Hemp oil capsules, Pet Hemp, Hemp Rub, Hemp Conditioner & Shampoo

How to support Invisible Illnesses

  • Become a financial member
  • Become a sponsor
  • Volunteer
  • Run a fundraiser
  • Become a collection point for Hampers 4 Change/Shop 4 A Cause
  • Become an Invisible Illnesses Friend
  • Workplace giving
  • Partner with us
  • Donate your cans and bottles at Containers for Change.

To find out more contact us or call our office on 0861403977