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Invisible Illnesses Inc Service Charter

Invisible Illnesses Inc aims to provide high quality services to the Western Australian community in a safe environment through our range of programs, while respecting the diversity, dignity, and privacy of those engaged with our organisation in an inclusive manner. These rights and responsibilities extend to our clients, their carer/s, participants, volunteers, contractors, team of staff and those engaged with our organisation, programs, or services as appropriate.

Your Responsibilities

Respect the rights of anyone representing or engaging with our services and programs, including their support networks.

Engage with us in a fit state, and not under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol. Maintain the privacy, dignity, and safety of others when engaging with our programs and services.

Inform us of any difficulties, issues, barriers, or
concerns regarding our services.

Staff Rights

Fair and respectful treatment at all times by everyone engaged with Invisible Illnesses Inc.

Access to training, contemporary information, and resources.

Support for your wellbeing within the Invisible
Illnesses team.

Safety from violence and abuse from anyone
engaged with Invisible Illnesses Inc.

Freedom to provide feedback without fear of
judgement, recourse, or risk to your position

Your Rights

Fair and respectful treatment at all times by everyone engaged with Invisible Illnesses Inc.

Freedom to provide feedback about any aspect of Invisible Illnesses Inc, without fear of recourse, with any complaints being investigated appropriately and in confidence.

Ability to exercise your right to decline or withdraw from our services at any time.

Staff Responsibilities

Security in your safety, dignity, and privacy while performing your duties and thereafter.

Input into service quality standards and having any concerns managed in a positive manner.

Ability to refuse or withdraw a service to a client within policy guidelines.

Abstain from imposing personal beliefs and values onto our clients, participants, or others.

Commitment to not engage with Invisible Illnesses Inc clients or potential clients outside the service while employed with Invisible Illnesses Inc or thereafter.

Contravention of Service Charter
Where Invisible Illnesses Inc believes a member of staff, volunteer, participant, client, their carer/s or support person/s has contravened this charter, we reserve the right to ask them to modify their behaviour. Where someone is considered to be at risk of harm, or there is unsafe or serious misconduct, they will be required to cease their participation and presence with our program or service.

Further information
We welcome your comments regarding our service charter. If you believe we have not adhered to our policy, or have any queries, please contact us via email enquiries@invisibleillnesses.org.au or by phone on (08) 95567119. We will take all reasonable efforts to promptly determine and remedy any concerns.