Our Team

Meet our amazing team of Invisible Illnesses Inc volunteers that make everything possible.

Michelle Greenwood

Founder and CEO

Alina Lee

Helping Hands Coordinator/Office Manager

Mystery Jaide

Fundraising Manager/Hamper 4 Change/2IC

Nancy Arimborgo


Megan Brown


Susanne Kokot

Market Coordinator

Events Manager

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Workshop Coordinator

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Marisia Green

Wellbeing Coordinator

Sarah Silva

Graphic Artist & Helping Hand Cleaner

Bethany Hope

Public Relations Officer

Lee Anne Hales

Social Media

Tammie Satie

Database/Research Team

Ann Clarke

Wheatbelt Area Leader

Dr Talia Steed

NOR Leader

Dan Anderson-McKelvie

Wellbeing Service Provider - Personal Trainer

Wendy Everett

Wellbeing Service Provider - Waxing/tinting

Gardeners Wanted

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Cleaners Wanted

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Drivers/Shopping Companion

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Admin Assistant/All Rounder

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Database Research Team

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Loyalty Program Manager

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Loyalty Program Facilitator

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Men’s Group Facilitator

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Grant & Sponsorship Coordinator

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General Volunteers

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Market Crew

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Massage & Reiki Therapist

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Nail Tech

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